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Great Mount
Jun 14, 2013

I bought this mount for an upcoming vacation drive of 14 hours, and I am very satisfied with the purchase. I would recommend this to a friend who was looking for a iPad mount. Pros: - Ipad easily removed from top. - Mount is stretch material so that it can conform to any headrest or other location. - Velcro is strong so that turning or adjustment of iPad does not disturb it. - Open face for access to iPad without removing iPad. - Sits higher than other mounts that mount to headrest poles. Cons: - I haven't found any yet.

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Great for Honda Odyessy
Mar 13, 2013

I bought it because my 21 month yr old boy had constant grubby hands and would get frustrated if we hit the speed bump and his hands would hit the screen and mess up his place in the movie. This fit my ipad2 perfectly in my new minivan. It's easy to install and come off. The product, doesn't have great description or pictures, but think of it with a "tight waisteband" - the kind that sucks you in and it wraps up and down the headrest. I was scared it would be too high on the headrest for him, but it fit perfectly. Wish they have one for the first generation ipad now.

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Ideal Product
Feb 14, 2013

This is truly the perfect product if you are looking for a way to affix your iPad(s) to the back of your headrests. The iPad 2 & iPad 3 both fit well and the velcro makes it easy to adjust the location and tilt of the screen. The only way I would steer clear of this product is if the back of your headrests tilt toward the front of the car quite severely as you move up towards the top. Otherwise, this product rocks! My kids can even detach and reattach the iPad cases themselves, which is awesome when they want to pull down the iPad to play a game or something while on the road. About the only negative I can say is that the material, although quite solid, is clearly that fake leather. However, they seem to be well constructed otherwise and should easily last until the technology is outdated in 3-5 years!

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eally great solution if you are trying to avoid headrest pole mounts!
Feb 06, 2014

We've been looking long for a solution to mount our iPads in the car. Our headrest poles are not straight up and down - they are bent at a 90 degree angle to allow the headrest to move towards the driver/passenger head for better comfort and positioning. In any case, the velcro band is very well constructed and matches the black leather beautifully and you would not notice it at all. It is thin and perfectly smooth, and the driver/passenger would not feel it at all when resting their heads. We wanted something that didn't have ugly arms, and a way to remove the iPads during a pit stop to avoid theft. This product accomplishes that easily. Just grab the iPad and go. It is so easy. The supplied case w/ the velcro for the iPad itself is a soft plastic material with a large X shape patch of velcro sewn into it. I actually like the design - it's thin and the "border"/lip around the front of the iPad is very minimal. When the iPad is attached to the headrest, it sits flush to the headrest, looks completely natural -- and the whole set up honestly looks better that many of the factory DVD solutions out there. Not to mention the screen is bigger and the retina display resolution beat anything a car maker would sell you for $2000. For the price, I think you will not find a better solution out there if you are trying to accomplish some of the same things. Easy on/off, less "permanent" than headrest pole designs, not crazy looking arms and attachments, etc. I might add that we do not regularly have iPads in our car, and we only plan on using this on road trips. Removing the headrest band is done in about 2 seconds, and putting it back on is maybe 5-10 seconds. So we will only be placing the band on when we need it!

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Fits great!
Jul 04, 2013

I have an Ipad 2 and it fits pretty snug in the compartment. It does seem to not accommodate the volume control and you still have to wiggle your finger in there to make the sound softer. But you can easily do that on screen. Other than that, its pretty nice and leather like adds to the style. I put it right in my Toyota Highlander and off we went. Toddler was very happy!

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MUST have if you travel with children!
Mar 01, 2013

We needed something to allow our almost 2 year old to be entertained while rear facing on a 6 hour trip to visit family. Downloaded a few Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes to the ipad and VOILA. Easy to use, very, very, stable and happy camper during a long trip!

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Awesome iPad Holder
Jun 06, 2013

I have a bracketron holder that fits around the headrest posts. The posts in my truck are thicker than in my wife's car so it stopped working in there. This is an awesome option to have the band around the headrest. Also keeps the ipad closer to the seat so my two year old doesn't kick it. Would buy again and recommend to friends.

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Works great!
Sep 18, 2013

My daughter sits in her car seat and can watch her shows just fine. You can get it angled just right. Super easy to put on and take off, and it's easy to get your iPad out without having to unmount the holder. Great product.

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Aug 26, 2013

Very good fit for ipad, snug fit to headrest, out of the way....really should be good for car rides with kids

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Nov 21, 2013

best for our iPad during travels..!!! nice and strong belt that hold it on the head rest really nicely..!!! we have used it on almost all of our long journeys and probably found it the best accessory for the iPad so far..!!!

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