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Best portable DVD player mounting system!
Jul 09, 2011

I searched high and low for exactly this product - and the price can't be beat! (FYI: I bought this when it was about half the price it is now...) I bought one of those Case Logic cases, but it was bulky, hard to set up and opened halfway - so the dvd player kept sliding and my son, in his car seat, couldn't see it. Real pain. This case is a perfect fit for my Sony DVP FX 970 (9-inch player, fit is snug), the screen swivels and so I can slip it into this case. My only reservation was that the control buttons on the DVD player are really sensitive and they are inside the casing, I was worried that hitting bumps in the road might knock the dvd out of commission (starting it, stopping, fast forward, menu, etc.) ...but was pleasantly surprised that it didn't. The sound was still good (despite that the speakers for the player are under the mesh). This is really lightweight - no velcro - they are buckles that snap. I wish the straps were a smidge longer (so I could hook it up for my son's rear-facing car seat in the back - he is in the middle - but I did manage to rig it up). Really awesome buy, especially when compared to $30+ for the Case Logic system. I was hesitant to buy this because I didn't see any reviews - but I am soooo glad I did! Also, I ordered this the Thursday before July 4 - and it came by Saturday. I was so shocked at how fast it arrived. All in all, great product, fast service. I'm happy. My only idea for improvement - a clear plastic screen that would protect the actual DVD player screen. But really, this thing is fantastic.

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Worked perfectly!
Jun 22, 2013

I bought this to use with my Sony portable DVD player. I was unsure exactly which size I was going to need, even though I thought I had measured my DVD player very precisely. My size just didn't seem to be available. I went ahead and purchased this with the thought of, if it didn't work, I wasn't out a whole lot of money. Turns out that my DVD player fit perfectly! I was so happy! My second concern with it was if it was going to fit on my headrest. My headrest is one of the larger varieties. It stretches very well, and holds the DVD player in place. It is not going anywhere! All in all, it was a smart buy for us, and I think it is worth the money we spent on it.

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Works well, but seems kinda pricy for what it is.
Oct 08, 2011

This is exactly what I was looking for to use with our Sony DVP-FX970. My daughter is still rear facing, so I wanted something that could easily be moved from the rear headrest to the front headrest and from vehicle to vehicle when we switch cars......or removed completely when I'm parked somewhere where I don't want to advertise that we have a portable DVD player in the car. Have used this in my parents car, an Acura MDX as well....but since their car had narrower headrests, had to use a zip tie to pull the 2 straps together in the back so they wouldn't slip off the headrest. All in all, this seems to be better than the other options I came across when I was shopping for a headrest mount (like the ones that involve having to attach hardware to a headrest making it impractical to move from car to car), but $20 for something that's made out of a little bit of elastic, netting and fabric covered cardboard seems a little bit steep. **Update** Recently found a handy new use for this so I wanted to update my original review. Brought my daughter's portable DVD player on a recent airplane flight. I had thrown this mount in the bag thinking we might use it once we got to our destination, but while I was on the plane, realized that I could attach it to the back of the tray table & attach the DVD player to the back of the seat in front of us. Not having to have the tray table down meant there was extra leg room for Mommy & Daddy which is a big win in my book. : )

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Worked Great With Sylvania DVD Player in Mazda CX-9
Jul 17, 2013

We purchased this item to use with a 9-inch Sylvania DVD player for a long road trip with our toddler, after being disapointed with the carrying case / headrest mount that came with the DVD player. (Sylvania SDVD9000B2 9-Inch Portable DVD Player with Car Bag/Kit, Swivel Screen, USB/SD Card Reader, Piano Black Finish) This headrest mount worked great! It held the DVD player securely and was very easy to install. It has a single "strap" which wraps around the car's headrest and velcros shut. The entire strap is made of a thick elastic, which made it easy to get a good snug fit around the headrest. It's easy to take the DVD player out of the case without disconnecting the whole thing from the headrest, and we were able to access all the controls we needed. For reference, we have a 2012 Mazda CX-9, and actually mounted the DVD player to the middle headrest in the back seat, in a forward-facing position. (Our daughter's car seat is still rear-facing.)

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Not just for headrests
Aug 27, 2012

We used to have a Honda Odyssey EX-L with DVD system that flipped down from the top of the headboard control panel, we have four kids and when doing long roadtrips this was a lifesaver, but last year we sold the Odyssey and bought a Nissan Armada which did not come with the DVD system but instead has a big storage tray that flips down from above. We bought a Sony 9" flip/swivel portable DVD player but it was always difficult to get it somewhere where all 4 kids could watch. I thought of the headrest mounts but then I'd need at least two and it just didn't seem to work out positioned behind a headrest, then as I looked at how the straps on this unit mount to the headrest I began to think "I wonder if those straps can slip behind my flipdown storage tray and I can actually mount our portable DVD player to the top tray and then all the kids could watch it just like if we had a built in unit." So I ordered the product and to my amazement it worked. I needed just one extra strap to keep the unit secure to the storage tray (the built in straps mount it vertically but I needed an extra to go around horizontally so the DVD player doesn't flop around so much while driving). We have a male to male 3.5mm jack to connect the DVD player to the Armada's Bose audio system and the car charger cord also reaches the DVD player just fine. The only downside is changing DVD disks which requires you to pull the player out of the mount to change, but $120 + $20 for the mount is much cheaper than the $1000 quoted to us to put in a drop down screen and DVD changer and now we have a great solution for less than $150 for our road trips. Can't beat that.

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Meets our needs/Fits our 9" Portible DVD player
May 22, 2013

I bought this for our Toshiba 9" portable DVD player. The player fits well, the sensor is accessible by remote from the driver seat (some other reviews noted it was not able to use the remote when it was in this case - perhaps it is their model of DVD player?), and it is very secure to the seat. I drive a 2011 Honda CRV. The only drawback to this case is that (and again, this has to do with my car, not the product) we have to put something between the headrest and the DVD player so that it faces my child. My head rest have a tilt on them and aren't flat. I just put my spare set of gloves in there to get the right angle and we're all set. (So, it can actually be added storage space if you have seats like mine!) The velco was long enough (had to stretch it some to go all the way around but that adds to the security of the player in case of an accident) and fit perfect between the bars of the headrest.

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Saved my DVD Player!
Jun 19, 2012

I purchased a Philips 9-Inch LCD Dual Screen Portable DVD Player about a year ago for my daughter. We only use the main screen since she is the only one watching. In the last several months, no matter how I tried to tighten or re-position the straps that it came with, the DVD Player was moving so much that on my 45 minute commute, anything she was watching would just skip constantly. I was about ready to just take the thing out of the car and call it a loss when I found this. This has saved our DVD player and now it NEVER skips from movement, even when I hit big bumps or potholes. It fits our DVD player perfectly and all the buttons are accessible. I am contemplating removing the mesh that covers the lower front buttons, but so far it hasn't been much on an issue, I just have to slip my finger inside it to feel for which button I need to push. If you are having problems with vibration/movement making your DVD Player skip and/or the door open sensor constantly trigger, get this and it will solve all that. As mentioned in some previous reviews, the straps that come with this are a little short and might be an issue if you have a really large/over-sized headrest. I had to pre-tighten them a little, but it fits fine on my 2009 Nissan Rogue headrests.

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Just the ticket!
Nov 02, 2012

This lil gem was what what we needed with our 18month old on a long journey... Yes we had to listen to Barney for too long BUT she was contented to sit and watch as we were able to motivate up the road... I have to say one of my better buys!

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So far so good!
Dec 29, 2012

I've had this item for 5 weeks as I write this review and I'm happy with it so far. I have a 2011 Nissan Murano and it fits perfectly between the headrest posts. I purchased this product to use with the "Orei DVD-P901 9-Inch Swivel Screen Multi Region Free Portable DVD Player" and it works great (the DVD player is a different story). The only two complaints I can share, and they are minor, is the Velcro strap on the top of the player is a bit weak and I'm afraid if we were in a car accident the DVD player would pop out the top. In an accident this is probably the least of our problems but it is something I think about. And second, with the DVD player we bought the charging jack is located on the left side under the lower strap. You can still sneak the plug into the charging jack but it takes two hands and a couple extra seconds of fiddling to do so. Again... minor complaint. I'd recommend buying this product.

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Best Thing Ever!!!
May 03, 2013

I love this DVD holder. It fits our Sony 9" DVD player perfectly and has easy access to the buttons located below the screen. It's slim fitting so I don't have to worry about my kids kicking it while in their seats. Secures nice and tight. Can't beat the price. Folds almost completely flat for easy storage in the pocket on the back of our seats. Would highly recommend. Make sure you check the dimensions of your player and that your player has the swivel/flip screen or you will be like the rest of the reviewers who complained it didn't fit or work!!!

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