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Average rating 4.9 4.9 (7 Reviews) 我要评论
Works perfect for Galaxy S4
Jan 01, 2014

I bought this to hold my S4 to the car as a trackday telemetry and video recorder. After receiving mines, I liked it so much I bought one for my wife. It will stick to smooth surfaces as well as textured dashboards. It is very sturdy and the clamp style grip allows it to work with many devices. I'm almost thinking of getting another for my other cars as well.

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so far so good !
Dec 28, 2013

The mount seems to be of quality plastic and hasn't shaken itself apart yet so I suppose that's a good thing .

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Worth the money
Jan 17, 2014

Good design and quality, recommend.

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Sturdy and stays in place
Dec 25, 2013

I tried attaching this mount in a couple of places, and it worked very well both time. The first time I tried right on the top of the dash. That worked great, but of course being a Note2, it was very large and drew a lot of attention. So after a couple of days I figured I needed to move it. The next spot went above the glove box on about a 60 degree incline. I feared that this might not hold here, being such a vertical surface and it being a second application. But, it has held there for about a month with no problem. Not only has the mounting suction worked well, but the unit positioning mechanism does its job nicely, too. I can lock it down if I want, but currently I have it just tight enough so that I can move the phone around a bit when I want. Even at that tension level, the phone doesn't migrate from the position that I place it during driving.

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Great product!
Jan 03, 2014

Great product!! The Note II is a really heavy phn and this product holds it steady. I've moved it around on the windshield multiple times and the suction is still great!

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Another great Capdase Product
Dec 25, 2013

I bought this universal windshield cradle primarily because of my experience with other Capdase products being such a great value -- I wasn't disappointed. I have been very impressed with the quality and ease of use, but mostly the fact that the suction cup has stayed on my windshield for a few weeks now without coming off. Granted, I don't usually put my Samsung Galaxy S3 in the cradle unless I'm using it as a GPS with Google Navigation, but the few times I have, it has been easy to adjust and position and stayed in place. It's a great product at a great price.

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Good product!
Dec 24, 2013

I love the idea of a clip. The product came in a very nice package that is simple and good protection. I've only used a few times and so far so good! Very satisfied with it.

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Review about"Advanced Winshield Mount Holder for 3.5-7.0 inch Smart Phones and other Mobile Devices"

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