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Adjustable Kitchen Shelf or Cabinet Mount for iPad & New iPad

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USD 25.00


Adjustable Kitchen Shelf or Cabinet Mount for iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other Tablets


  • Brand new!
  • The kitchen cabinet mount saves space and brings your tablet into the kitchen without cluttering the counter.
  • Angle adjustability ensures your tablet can be set to provide the best view.
  • High-grip Velcro secures your tablet in suspended orientation
  • Tablet can be mounted and dismounted from Velcro support plate as required.
  • Compatible with iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire and other similar tablets.
  • May be mounted to shelves, kitchen cabinets, tables, desks and other solid surfaces.


Dimension (with Packaging):

Weight:  450G
Length x Width x Height:  29.3cm x 21.4cm x 5cm


Package Includes:

1x Base Plate + Fixing Screws
1x Sleeve Adjustment Assembly
1x Velcro Support Plate
1x iPad Case Enclosure
1x Handstrap as gift
(iPad is not included)