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New 5000gx1g Digital Kitchen Food Diet Postal Scale

  • Code:TGK602B
  • Brand: TFY
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USD 16.99



  • Capacity: 5kg / 176oz
  • Division: 1g / 0.1oz
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Tare Function
  • Auto Zero - Auto Off
  • Low Power and Over Load Indication
  • Power: 1pc CR2032 Lithium Battery
  • Minimalist Design - Timeless Style

  • Add a touch of class to your kitchen counter top. The TGK-602's smooth monolithic design will compliment your kitchen's decor and be a stylish addition to your counter top for years to come.
  • Touchscreen - Elegant & Easy Operation

  • TGK-602 features buttonless precision touch controls. Simply press the tempered glass surface to access the Power, Unit and Tare control functions.
  • Accuracy+Strength+Stability

  • Equipped with four long-lasting high-precision strain gauge sensors, the TGK-602's provides consistent and accurate measurements. Moreover, the chip and scratch resistant tempered glass platform provides a roomy base for your bowls and dishes. This kitchen scale's low profile design also lends to stability while the four slip resistant rubberized feet will keep this scale from sliding around your kitchen counter-top.
  • Save Time - Tare (Zero Out) Feature

  • Quickly and easily measure multiple ingredients with a single mixing bowl. Simply weigh your item and then press the Tare/On button. Your scale resets to zero and is ready to measure and display only the weight of the additional item you add to the scale.
  • Save More Time--Easy to Clean

  • You will appreciate how effortless it is to clean the tempered glass weighing platform. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and you're done. As you know, cracks and crevices of kitchen appliances are a magnet for food prep debris. The TGK-602's flat glass surface covers the LCD and controls making cleanup a snap.
  • Easy to Read LCD

  • Don't waste time squinting to read the tiny numbers you see on the dials of old fashioned mechanical scales. The TGK-602 allows youto quickly take measurements by displaying them on an easy to read LCD.