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Digital Scale Hangging Luggage Fishing Weight 88LB MAX

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  • Brand: TFY
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Price: USD9.99

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// Easily Weigh Just What's Inside a Bag

// Auto Hold Feature-Weigh Your Suitcase Easily

// Light Weight and Compact-Take It With You

USD 9.99



  • Maximum Capacity: 55kg/ 121 lb
  • Minimum: 0.1kg/ 0.2 lb
  • Dimensions: 130×90×35mm
  • Unit: kg/ lb
  • Unit: Power: 1*CR2302(not included)
  • Avoid Baggage Fees-Weigh Your Suitcase!!

  • United Airlines and American Airlines charge you $35 for the second checked bag-go over 50 pounds on any bag and you get hit for another $50. Don't get caught in the baggage fee trap. Weigh your luggage before you go to the airport with the TSH-205 Digital Luggage Scale.
  • Auto Hold Feature-Weigh Your Suitcase Easily

  • You'll appreciate how easy it is to weigh with this Digital Luggage Scale. Simply attach your bag to the nylon strap and lift. A couple of seconds later the scale will beep telling you it has locked your bag's weight. Put your bag down and conveniently view its weight on the scale's LCD.
  • Light Weight and Compact-Take It With You

  • Make this scale your travel companion. It weighs less than seven ounces and is about the size of your hand. Toss it in your suitcase and still have plenty of room for your travel essentials.
  • Easily Weigh Just What's Inside a Bag

  • If you ever need to get the weight of a particular item without the bag weight, this digital luggage scale delivers. Simply weigh your bag empty and activate the Tare function. After that, anything weighed will automatically have the bags weight removed.
  • User Friendly Design

  • The TSH-205 specially sculpted handle fits the natural grip of your hand. This gives you a tighter grip and extra leverage you will appreciate when weighing heavier bags. More over, your thumb will glide naturally over the single multi-function control button as you grip the scale.